What is a BooBar?

BooBars - Raw fruit and nut bars being madeBooBars are fruit and nut bars made from raw ingredients, with no added sugar, food coloring, artificial flavors or preservatives.  Our emphasis is on simple, good, healthy food for people of all ages and all levels of activity.

BooBars are made from dates, nuts and dried fruits.  Some of our bars contain 100% cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, giving the bar a deep, rich chocolate flavor without the added cocoa butter, dairy and sugar found in regular chocolate.  We work hard to keep the recipes simple, and choose ingredients with bold flavors that compliment one another.  Some of the best feedback from our customers is that after looking at the ingredients, the taste is exactly what you expect.

The texture of the bar, simple, healthy ingredients and flavors are what distinguish BooBars from other snack bars.  BooBars are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegetarian/vegan.BooBar fruit and nut barBooBars display box