Great for bike rides

They were a big hit for food to put into our camel packs during the rides. They stay nice and soft and yummy and are the perfect bar for bike rides.

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Wed, 05/23/2012 - 08:42

Chicago loves them!

This is the Bartender from Chicago who you gave a Nutty Helena, something spicy and with with Cranberries to. I wanted to leave a review because these things need to go to market! They are delicious! So far I have not had the spicy one, which if I remember right, you said was the best. I did have the other two and both were incredible. I prefer their texture to the other bars which can be a little thick and sweet. These were perfect, not too sweet, fresh, delicious. I would buy them by the case full. Thanks so much for inventing it and I hope I can find them at Whole Foods soon!


Cayenne and bars - best idea since bars! Nice to meet you today at the Market

Love them

I have yet to meet a boobar i didn't like! What a fantastic product! Thank you!

I LOVE the fact that you use straight-up 100% non-sweetened cacao

As I'm noshing on a Cherry Springer I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the fact that you use straight-up 100% non-sweetened cacao. The bitterness of the chocolate balances perfectly with the sweetness of the dates (and tartness of the cherries and the richness of the cashews). I tried "another" raw sort of bar the other day (bet you can guess which brand) and they used sugar sweetened chocolate chips. I was pretty shocked at how cloyingly sweet those were. And a little disappointed to find they used added sugar. Sugar AND dates? Yuck.

Keep up the good work!